Solutions for Bulk Solid Materials

intermodal container

NAC LPT provides more options for packaging your materials than any other company in the industry. Our fleet of intermodal containers, railcars, and flexible packages can provide any type of US DOT and American Bureau of Shipping certified package you require for your shipment.

The containers and flexible packages can be used for any Bulk Solid, Packaged Material or Cargo that can be placed into it and can be shipped by rail, truck, or water.

The following types of containers each transport from 4 to 65 cubic yards of material each.

NAC LPT Intermodal Container Options:
  • Third-party, Strong-Tight tarp containers
  • Industrial Packaging 1 (IP-1) hard lid containers
  • Type A/7A hard lid containers
  • Intermodal Vacuum Containers

Our fleet of intermodal containers and flexible packages transport any type of bulk solid or packaged material. We can ship the containers by rail, truck, or water. Our containers are ideal for soils, sludges, rubble, metals, and construction / demolition debris.

Integration of Metal and Flexible Packaging Systems

The intermodal containers and third-party flexible packages are user-friendly and have a proven record of success for a variety of applications. Their designs allow the user to load them in close proximity to the project site, improving efficiency and safety. The larger capacity and reusable features provide additional cost savings versus a disposable metal container and one-way truck transport to the destination..

Our packaging and transport systems will bring value to your project. The Department of Transportation and American Bureau of Shipping have fully tested and certified all our containers and flexible packages for rail, truck, and water. This allows for for transport both domestically and internationally.

If your location has no rail service, our transload network can provide access to our safe and economical transport methods.

Industrial Packaging 1 (IP-1) Intermodal Containers
Strong-Tight Tarp Containers
Type A/7A Hard-Lid Containers

  • The bulk material containers listed above can transport any type of material or waste that can be placed in them.
  • Depending on the US DOT classification of the material and your requirements we recommend and supply the proper container for the job.
  • The containers are ideal for soils, sludge, rubbles, metals, and construction/demolition debris.
  • The containers can be loaded from the top or end, which provides flexibility for your material handling requirements.

Intermodal Vacuum Containers
An intermodal vacuum container provides a method of containing solid or semi-solid material being removed through a vacuum system. The container is installed in-line,with the vacuumed material deposited into the container for containment and shipment.