Solutions for Bulk Solid Materials

flexible packaging bulk

Flexible packaging solutions are supplied through third parties. These products have been used successfully in a variety of projects for thousands of shipments and on-site applications.

  • Flexible bulk bag systems come in various sizes and weight capacities.
  • The performance-engineered industrial fabric used to manufacture this packaging is highly resistant to tears and abrasions, making it ideal for soils, debris, or aggressive materials.
  • Flexible packaging systems are also ideal for containment and disposal of bulk materials. Due to the flexible design, these packages can be compacted in a landfill, eliminating any subsidence that could result from wood or metal boxes breaking down after burial.
  • Flexible packages are also certified as Industrial Packaging 1 (IP-1) and Industrial Packaging 2 (IP-2).
  • Flexible packages can be double-stacked in a high-side gondola car to maximize the shipment weight.
  • The easy-to-use loading and lifting frames provide a movable loading platform that allows you to locate them in close proximity to your loading location.