Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Transportation and Logistical Solutions

Rail-Truck-Marine and Intermodal Transportation

At NAC LPT, we are experts in managing rail, truck, marine, and intermodal transportation systems for shipping wastes and materials. Our team’s in-depth knowledge allows us to recommend the most appropriate packaging and transportation resources on a project-specific basis.

marine rail truckThe NAC LPT team has more than two decades’ experience with hands-on work remediating, managing, and transporting millions of tons of waste. This includes work for numerous industry and government facilities and projects. Our team pioneered optimized solutions using rail and intermodal transportation services, innovative packaging options, and transfer facilities for many types of wastes.

In addition to origin site requirements, we understand the logistical supply chain, as well as the operations and capabilities of receiving facilities. We provide container and bulk material handling and off-loading systems for origin and receiving facilities. The benefit: Facilities without rail service can receive intermodal shipments.

We also provide transport and project management. Having operated a fleet of railcars and intermodal waste containers, we know what it takes to manage and support your project. Our NAC LPT project review and design protocol will ensure you are using the best solution available.

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Rail Flatcars

Our rail flatcars can transport containers that are 20 feet to 45 feet in length.
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Gondola Railcars

The gondola railcars range from 52 feet to 65 feet in length and have a carrying capacity of 140,000 pounds to 220,000 pounds of net weight.

Liquid Material Solutions

NAC LPT can provide the proper match of equipment to your materials by determining linings, size, capacity, and capabilities to fulfill your requirements.

Heavy Duty Flatcar

NAC LPT has the expertise and access to rail equipment to provide seamless transportation for large and/or overweight/over-dimensional cargo.


We will arrange for transload services wherever possible to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of multi-modal transportation. 
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