Helpful information about NAC LPT, its capabilities, products and services

Certificate of Liability Insurance
This certificate provides proof of liability insurance for NAC LPT LLC.

Certificate of A&E Professional Liability Insurance
This certificate provides proof of architect and engineering professional liability insurance for NAC LPT LLC.

NAC LPT Statement of Qualifications
NAC LPT offers independent, turnkey waste management solutions. We are unique in that we serve the hazardous/industrial and radioactive waste markets. We offer synergies across these markets that few other firms can match. NAC LPT’s in-depth knowledge of these industries and the materials they generate—combined with our expertise in logistics and waste packaging systems—enables us to develop the innovative solutions that save our customers time and money.

Innovative Solutions
NAC LPT LLC offers unbiased waste management services, and we have no vested interest in any disposal facility. This allows us to recommend impartial solutions for the best value.

NAC LPT Snapshot
NAC serves clients in Government, Corporate, and the Nuclear sector. Transportation services include rail, marine, and by truck. NAC LPT are asset-based certified shippers providing cost evaluations while working as a neutral provider.

NAC Capabilities Statement
The core competencies of NAC International, NAC LPT’s parent company, include storage, design and analysis services.