, with the support of NAC, now offers unparalleled experience in designing, licensing, and implementing packaging, as well as material handling, logistical solutions, and technical services that support your project goals. Too often, a project’s packaging and transport functions are considered after developing the remediation or decommissioning plans.

By using the NAC LPT planning process, augmented with NAC’s engineering and licensing capabilities, we can integrate those functions in early and execute them in conjunction with the overall project plan for maximum efficiency. In many cases, this has accelerated project goals while lowering costs and improving safety.

NAC LPT provides innovative project-specific technical support through our Technical Service Group. Our team of professionals is an integral part of the NAC LPT total solution package. With our experience and expertise, we have saved both government and industry millions of dollars while accelerating projects and improving project safety.

We deliver technical services personnel, when needed, to your site to support your needs effectively. Our capabilities allow us to provide many types of value-added services for your projects. Our objective is to provide successful project completion with maximum effectiveness and minimal cost. We can provide various levels of project support to meet your specific requirements or to enhance your existing in-house capabilities.

11NAC LPT provides the following technical services:

Transportation Engineering

  • Feasibility studies, including cost and schedule analysis for rail, truck, marine, airfreight, and intermodal transportation projects
  • Transport route evaluation, including regulatory compliance analysis, cost, schedule comparison and safety factor analysis
  • Dedicated transportation logistic program design and operation; programs can be provided at your site or from one of our strategic locations
  • Alternative transportation equipment recommendations and supply services
  • Material handling and transfer system design, installation, and operation
  • Hazardous material evaluation services to develop proper packaging design
  • Transportation and packaging equipment decontamination services

Technical services for shipping oversized and overweight cargo and machinery

  • Guiding sensitive movements, as with radioactively contaminated material, or high-security contents
  • Expertise in tie-down and securement options
  • Competing all clearance evaluations
  • Developing transportation plans and specialized routing instructions for shipments
  • Providing lifting and rigging plans, services, and field management implementation
  • Making tie-down arrangements, together with engineered blocking/bracing drawings for implementation in the field

Analysis and Development of Alternative Packaging Solutions

  • Research transport and packaging design for US DOT, AAR, and international requirements
  • Design custom packaging and/or containers
  • Design flexible Surface Contaminated Object (SCO) wrap materials for packaging requirements
  • Provide independent inspection services to evaluate waste material packages and their suitability for use, reuse, or reconditioning purposes
  • Recommend alternative packaging equipment recommendation and supply services

Rail Facilities and Rail Line Evaluation

  • Rail-line engineering and construction services
  • Development of rail service infrastructure or repair
  • Railcar inspection services
  • Rail-line readiness and condition assessment services, including project design, engineering, construction and facility operation for origin or destination facilities

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Technical Plan Development and Implementation

  • Sampling and analysis plans for proper packaging and transportation
  • Provide requirements for hazardous, non-hazardous, and radiological materials
  • Emergency Response plan development and management services

Waste Management Plans

  • Assessment of on-site and off-site requirements for material handling and transportation system design
  • Waste profiling/characterization to assure proper material handling, transportation, and disposition

Health and Safety Plans

  • Development and implementation to insure proper management during handling, transportation, and transloading of products and materials
  • Proper operation of on-site facilities used in the equipment loading or transportation process

Broker Services

  • Generation of manifest, bill of lading, and other shipping documentation
  • Completion of waste profile records
  • Transport vehicle and package inspection services
  • Radiological surveys of transport vehicle and package provided for proper transport
  • Transportation and logistical service design and implementation
  • Treatment and disposal facility review and selection

Assessment Services

  • Regulatory compliance of packaging and transportation systems
  • Quality assurance program development for packaging, equipment, and transportation services
  • Root cause analysis and corrective action recommendations to address safety, equipment, personnel, and transportation management issues
  • Regulatory and safety compliance audit of transportation service providers

To determine which of NAC LPT’s services will meet your requirements, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can put our experience to work for you.