Products & Services

NAC LPT provides integrated logistics, packaging, and technical services, for effectively managing hazardous and nuclear/radioactive wastes and materials.

NAC LPT consistently provides solutions to common issues and daunting challenges. We combine hands-on expertise, decades of experience and technical acuity to meet routine needs as well as unusual, complex and vexing issues.

We provide guidance in managing all modes of waste transportation, from origin to final destination – via rail, truck or water – and we do this for all types of packaging, whether it involves intermodal tank containers, wraps, overpacks, oversized loads or other forms.

Our experience, equipment resources, packaging capabilities, transportation expertise, and strategic alliances enable us to deliver the most cost-effective, safe, and compliant solutions.

Check out this snapshot of NAC LPT’s solutions.

LOGISTICS — Waste Transportation and Logistical Solutions

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the radioactive, hazardous, and non-hazardous industries and the materials and wastes they generate. Drawing on our expertise in logistics and waste packaging systems, we identify and implement the most appropriate packaging and transportation resources, uniquely tailored to your project. The result: an optimized solution that reduces costs, time, and risks for our customers.

PACKAGING — Waste Containers, Packaging & Equipment Solutions

NAC LPT supplies the containers, packaging, and rail transport equipment you need for your projects, providing you more options to achieve your goals. Our growing fleet includes new, purpose-built, ready-to-use intermodal bulk waste shipping containers. We also lease and sell many types and sizes of containers and packaging products. These include intermodal waste containers, cargo containers and flexible packaging, as well asspecialized or custom-built waste containers for radioactive, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste materials.

TECHNICAL — Consulting & Technical Services Solutions

NAC LPT has unparalleled experience in designing materials and implementation of services needed to support your project goals. This includes packaging, material handling, logistical solutions, and technical services. Too often, packaging and transport functions of a project are just an afterthought of the remediation or decommissioning process. With NAC LPT’s planning expertise, companies can address these matters up front. That means you can intergrate and build in proper processes into the project plan and schedule. The end result? You achieve your project goals more quickly, and at the same time lower costs and improve safety.
What sets us apart? Decades of experience, dedicated customer service, and the right mix of resources.