Transport of Intermodal Containers for Bulk Solid Materials


The following rail flatcars can transport containers that are 20 feet to 45 feet in length.
  • Articulated Bulk Container (ABC) flatcar with 144 or 177-ton capacity
  • Rail flatcar with 100-ton capacity
  • Rail well flatcars for double-stack shipment

The equipment can transport from two to eight containers per car.

Articulated Bulk Container Rail Flatcar (ABC Flatcar)

The ABC railcar allows for double-stacked bulk container shipments, and its articulated design allows it to be used on any rail siding or restricted rail track curvature. Its increased carrying capacity provides an economical solution to any container transport project.

100 Ton and Well Rail Flatcars

The 100-ton rail flatcars and the well rail flatcars are also used to transport intermodal containers.