Solutions for Cargo Shipments

heavy duty flatcar

has the expertise and access to rail equipment to provide seamless transportation for large, overweight or oversized cargo. The equipment we use and our integrated services provide customers with the most economical methods to transport these items.

The NAC LPT team will evaluate your shipment requirements at the origin, the destination, and along the transport route. We will develop a rail-approved securement plan, which the technical services team will execute.Our team will engineer all services to transport your cargo and ensure a safe and damage-free delivery.

In offering Cargo/machinery solutions, we:
  • Secure any type of heavy railcar for your specific requirements
  • Perform sensitive movements, i.e., radioactively contaminated or high security contents
  • Provide experts in tie-down and securement options
  • Complete clearance evaluations
  • Develop transportation plans and specialized route plans
  • Supply lifting and rigging
  • Provide tie-down, blocking, and bracing drawings, and execution

Our unique equipment, techniques, and extensive transload expertise enable us to provide access to rail transport, even if the origin or destination is not served by rail. By incorporating our logistics experience and transload network to complete your shipment, we can move your shipment anywhere in the world.