Nuclear Services Manager

With more than 30 years’ experience working in support of the Nuclear Industry, Ken’s primary duties included business development, logistics, and project management. Ken maintained and grew his customer base across all business lines including decontamination, waste processing, packaging, transload, and client access to licensed workspace. Ken was the primary point of contact for work related to Nuclear Safety-Related coatings processes. He has been responsible for commercial and federal market awareness, industry trends, and tracking a sustainable corporate market strategy. 

He has extensive experience in developing project estimates and generating proposals. Ken specializes in managing projects, subcontractors, and resources involving multi-modal transportation (including over-height and over-width shipments, blocking-and-bracing of loads, alternative transport strategies, and identification of equipment, tooling, and materials needed for specific projects). His skills also include evaluating problematic waste streams to target the most profitable processing and disposal options.

Mr. Docchio is well-versed in reviewing client specifications and technical documents, with an eye for regulatory compliance in proposals, work orders, and procedures.

He has managed communications and coordinated workflow throughout company programs such as Contract Review, Work Order, Procedure, and Pre-job Brief processes. Ken worked to bridge gaps in communication between clients and company departments, and interdepartmental communications - such as Safety and Operations, Radiation Protection, and Quality Assurance.

Among his diverse talents, Mr. Docchio holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. He is a qualified INPO Category-II radioactive materials worker, qualified SL-1 applicator, radiation safety monitor, as well as a forklift and overhead crane operator and trainer.