September 1, 2021

SEWICKLEY, PA, September 1, 2021 – NAC LPT LLC, an NAC International subsidiary focused on logistics, packaging and technical services, announced today it has promoted Ken Grumski to president of the company effective September 1, 2021. In his new role, Grumski will lead all aspects of NAC LPT’s business and will report directly to the NAC LPT Board of Managers. 

Since NAC formed NAC LPT in September 2020, Grumski has served as vice president and managing director where he implemented new business processes and reporting structures for the new NAC subsidiary while maintaining continuous operations. Over the past year, he has grown and mentored new NAC LPT staff and has been instrumental in winning and executing new contracts.

“With more than 22 years of experience managing commercial and federal waste management programs, Ken Grumski is an ideal choice to lead NAC LPT. Ken has a wide variety of waste management expertise in rail and truck logistics, radioactive and hazardous waste disposal, container design and manufacturing, and hazardous material transportation,” said Michael McMahon, vice president of consulting and strategic projects at NAC International and chairman of the NAC LPT Board of Managers. McMahon served as interim president of NAC LPT since its formation last year.